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Mormons of all Ethnic Backgrounds

Ethnic Mormon Girl

Mormons are not just in the Untied States. The reach of this religion is world wide, with only a few not allowing it (China being one). Mormon missionaries help with the spread of this gospel. Extending the ethnicity of the religion,  12,868,606 members which was counted in 2008 and is steadily increasing. Most members who do not live in the United States, call home in Latin American Countries. Mormon missionaries are compelled to spread the belief in the need for a Mormon Temple marriage to gain Eternal life. Every year around 50,000 missionaries are sent out to help spread the gospel.

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Mormon Sister Missionaries

Mormon Sister Missionaries

A letter written from a Mormon sister missionary serving in Costa Rica, her last letter to her family before returning home after 1 ½ years of service.

Man am I running around like a chicken with her head cut off! One stresses out thinking, hoping, praying that they have done everything, found everyone, and learned all that the Lord has prepared. The Lord has given me peace and I know I have done my very best, I just know it. I never could have done it with out my big, patient, 1,000,000 times forgiving, loving, and faithful brother Jesus Christ. Oh how I have learned that will out him what I do is peanuts, I am nothing! I told my self before I walked on that plane to Costa Rica that I was going to give all I had, and do anything that the Lord required of me. I prayed every day that he would strengthen, teach, and guide me and he has, every moment of the way. How grateful I am for this time Ive had to serve, love, and share my testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel. This has been the most gratifying year and a half of my entire life. I thank the Lord for taking me on the ride of my life! But I have also come to realize that there is still so much to be done and so much to learn. Really the ride is just getting started.
There are no words or feelings to describe what an incredible experience this has been. I will never forget the dusty streets of Nicoya littered with Roosters and Mango trees, the Green lush Mountain side, simple Coffee farmers, the running rivers and Rainstorms, the calle de muerte in San Vicente where I got bit by a dog (and had to receive 8 rabies shots) where we would see the tennis shoes on the powerlines marking the drug spots, and the Drunk Apocalipsis man that used to always chase us around. I don’t know if my cravings (antojos) for lemon platino chips or sweet papaya will go away, but this I do know for sure that I will never forget the conversions I saw, how the testifying spirit felt, and how the gospel of Jesus Christ became the greatest treasure and miracle of peoples lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and all those who follow by its precepts will find eternal happiness in this life and in the next with their beloved families. This I know is true.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
I also know more now than I ever did how lucky I am for the parents, brothers and sisters, extended family, and incredible opportunities and blessings I’ve been given in my life. The Lord is so good to me.
Love Always,
Your forever Missionary in the greatest mission in the World,
The San Jose Costa Rica Mission

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Mormon Missionaries: Mormon Women Serve Too!

Women Mormon MissionariesFemale Mormon missionaries, who also go forth two by two, are called Sisters. All missionaries have been assigned by Church headquarters (Mormon apostles and prophet) to their area of work, which can be in any part of the world where governments allow them to spread the gospel. They stay on their mission for a year and a half, different from the men, who stay for two years.

Today, every worthy young man of the Church is expected to fulfill a mission. Every worthy, young woman can also serve a mission, and many do. The missionaries and their families are expected to pay their own way, or as much as they can. In circumstances where extreme poverty or hardship may prevent a young person who is desirous of serving from going on a mission, the members of the missionary’s home congregations, called a ward, will help out. Missionaries are also aided by a general Church fund set up to assist missionaries.

When young men turn 19, or 21 in the case of women, they can submit their name to the Church to prepare for a mission. Mormon leaders, including the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, prayful consider where missionaries are needed and what applications they have. They then assign each missionary to a particular mission, of the Church. As of 2005, there were over 330 missions worldwide.

Missionaries spend their time studying the holy scriptures, including the Bible and the Book of Mormon, preaching the Gospel to everyone they meet, and providing community service like cleaning city parks, teaching English, or even helping out their neighbors. Missionaries are expected to devote at least 10 hours per week toward community service, though many do much more. Serving others and teaching the gospel allows missionaries to follow the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ who “went about doing good” (Acts 10:38).

Almost every one of these missionaries come home with a light shining in their hearts and eyes, knowing they’ve done what is right after months and months of service.

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