Mormon Families: Together Forever

Mormons believe that God has established families so that His children could have happiness, in learning correct principles in a loving atmosphere, to prepare them to return to Him after they die. Successful and happy marriages and families are created and maintained on principles like those that Jesus Christ, our Savior, taught. Some of these principles include faith in Jesus Christ, prayer, love, respect, repentance, forgiveness, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. Through following the Savior’s loving example, we can become more like Him and obtain eternal joy. In this picture, this young family radiates this. This is a joy that cannot be bought or sold, and doesn’t have an expiration date.

No marriage or family is perfect, in everyone’s lives there are and will be trials and hardships. When dealing with these challenging relationships, it may be helpful to remember that each person on this earth is a beloved son or daughter of God who has a divine nature and destiny. Learning to serve and love your family members unconditionally, as Christ taught, will help you become more like Him and to prepare to live with Him again in an eternal family.